Front of House Usher


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people orientated |

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Business Types: 

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performing arts |

What You'll Get?


Minimum number of hours with fixed term roles available over busy periods, during the holidays or special events.


Usually shift work, done on a sign-up basis, giving availability over the next week or month, and venue team assign shifts and send out a rota.


£10.42 - £13.00 per hour.

What Would You Do?

This role is a central part of the visitor experience team and there to greet and welcome audiences, artists, staff, students, visiting companies that are using the building, temporary venue or attending an event. You are the first port of call for visitors, and likely the only representative of the event, show or venue that the visitor will encounter directly. You are there to make sure visitors enjoy accessible, hospitable, entertaining, and safe experiences in theatres, galleries, and at events whether they are indoors or outdoors.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Dealing with general enquiries in person, checking tickets, seating visitors, directing audience members, handing out any promotional material and acting as an information point.

  • Support the venue operations during performances and events and know details about the show and enforce policies such as latecomers or rules on photography etc and inform managers of any problems.

  • Assist with carrying out procedures in the event of an incident or emergency.

  • Be familiar with access needs of visitors and provide assistance when required.

  • Be aware of surroundings and being mindful of keeping areas clean, tidy, and welcoming at all times.

What You'll Need?

Skills and abilities:

  • Polite, friendly, welcoming, and professional.

  • Reliable and enthusiastic attitude.

  • Proactive and seek out information so know about the events, and the building and spaces you are working in.

  • Enjoy being part of a team.

  • Calm and confident.

  • Interest in the arts whether it is theatre, dance, comedy, music and performance art.

What Can You Achieve?

The role gives you the opportunity to gain an insight to running the operations of events and venues and to develop your customer service skills in a busy environment. It also provides chances to meet professionals from other departments and learn about their work and often acts as a stepping stone for careers in other areas. Shift work provides flexibility for people who need to fit shifts around other responsibilities such as studying, caring duties or pursuing other interests.

Where Do These Jobs Exist?

These jobs exist in theatres, galleries, art centres, cinemas, festivals, outdoor events and will often recruit directly or use an agency for particularly busy periods or one-off events.

How To Apply?

Often these roles will be based on submitting a CV and expression of interest answering a call out or advert. Often interviews are less formal, but expected to meet in-person or online, and meet the hiring manager who will focus on finding out about your customer service experience, and interest in applying.

What Else Can You Do?

Get familiar with the venue you're looking to apply to, look for the shows they're putting on so you can talk enthusiastically about their programme.

If you can spare the time, volunteer at venues to gain some experience. Take note of any experiences you have of hospitality, what worked well and what didn't.

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