All Job Roles

Ticket Sales Agent

As a ticket sales agent, you’ll respond to customer booking enquiries, process orders and troubleshoot issues to help sales of tickets and deliver high standards of customer service.


As a journalism researcher, you are a key part of building the content for the stories that are aired on the news each day. This is a busy role where you could be working on all aspects of the news.


As an actor your role is to entertain people by performing as a character in a story, on stage, film, television, or radio. You will work collaboratively with directors, writers and other performers.

Stage Manager

As a stage manager you will provide practical and organisational support to the technical and artistic teams during rehearsals, and supervise onstage and backstage activity during performances.

Workshop Facilitator

As a Workshop Facilitator, you will be responsible for the planning and delivery of workshop sessions. You could be working in schools, libraries, community centres, prisons or based at an arts venue.

Make-Up Artist

As a makeup artist, you’ll be responding to a creative brief provided either by the director or the head of makeup. You may be working in a studio, a theatre, or in outdoor locations.


As a composer, you could be commissioned for a piece of music for an orchestra, or you could be writing for film, tv, jingles for radio or music for video games.

Video Editor

As an editor you are responsible for interpreting a client’s vision, tailoring, and enhancing their ideas within the confines of a realistic timeframe and level of resource.

3D Games Artist

As a 3D games artist you'll be responsible for assisting in the creation of 3D assets and environments, ensuring they align with the game's artistic direction and technical requirements.

Camera Operator

As a camera operator you often work with a director to create a particular vision or product for a client. You need to ensure that everything being captured is of a high technical and aesthetic standard.

Marketing Executive

As a marketing executive, you will work in a team to market shows effectively to meet ticket and sales targets. You could be working on theatre, dance, comedy, music, and exhibitions.

Social Media Coordinator

As the social media coordinator, you will boost the company’s social media presence, using platforms to raise brand awareness and attract public engagement.


As a producer you will be in charge of designing, planning and delivering events from start to finish, often to a brief with a set of objectives, reaching and engaging target audiences and stakeholders.

Front of House Usher

This role is a central part of the visitor experience team. You are there to make sure visitors enjoy accessible, hospitable, entertaining, and safe experiences in theatres, galleries, and at events.